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Bring your DTC to more penetrative and re-purchasing performance

Dexel team has been deeply engaged in DTC innovation for 8+ years, and has provided innovative DTC solutions for 200+ brand clients, successfully delivering and operating more than 1,500+ projects. A whole-process service from pattern design innovation to implementation of transformational growth plan.


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Whole New Mode: From Product Management to Customer Value Management

Brand DTC (Direct to Customer) is a innovation model engaging product, marketing and retailing from the perspective of customer value, which improves brand’s terminal penetration and social repurchase performances, thus realizing the growth of brand private e-commerce business and optimizing and improving marketing efficiency.

4 Structural Features

  • Monitoring touch points stretch cross “screen - end - form” to achieve multiple
  • Forge a bridge for brands to communicate directly with customers, transform conversation into instant customer servicing.
  • Initiate “Social KOC/KOS Quantitative Increase” enabling desocial-fission and information-spread spiking
  • More agile monitoring touch points deployed across various systems. More insightful data collected.
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Take Consumer Value as the Revolving Core

  • Assist in building customer-oriented data systems for Brand
  • Extend the value cycle of consumer data
  • Continue to strengthen active communication between Brand and consumers
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6 Major Elements to Success

  • Product innovation for differentiation
  • Intimate product experience
  • Brand social value that customer anticipates
  • Skillful at activating consumer’s social value chain.
  • All-channel data observation
  • Swift updates and value expansion
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Three DTC new modes spur breakthrough in growth

In line with industry practical needs, we establish an innovative "product-marketing-retail" full-link mode,
seeing things from the eyes of target customer groups to achieve direct contact with target customers in this process, and efficiently convert consumers.

Not a so-called “cross different channels” solution but rather, an actual “All-channel Retailing”

  • To meet the needs of cross-channel personalized consumption
  • To gain user insights to support future business decisions
  • Improve supply chain of sub-categories to quickly launch new products
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Innovative E-commerce Membership

  • Improve customer retention and repurchase
  • Drive product updates through consumption data
  • Design personalized experiences to drive revenue growth
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Forge Social E-commerce

  • Desire placement pitching from social media to customers
  • Consistent and efficient reach to customers with low expenses
  • Cultivate customer loyalty and repurchase rate
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Progress & Customizations

Discover & growth with analysis

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Land Your DTC Business Innovation/Transformation with Low Risk and High Efficiency

Swift Program with Swift Renovation: From Zero to N - Fast conceivable value output from your DTC program, Avoid grand design of grand project with grand risk resulting in grand failure

DTC Innovation

Match brand’s strategic plans Customized DTC innovation plans

MVP Validation

Swift proposal output to target at your core demand Quick for landing, getting instant feedback from market

Value Validation From 0 to 1

Continuous upgrade in accordance with market response to achieve operational constants

DTC Calculated Growth

Equip Brand with innovative DTC tools to enable sustaining creativity, so that to ultimately achieve long-term growth.

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